What to Expect

What to Expect when you're Visiting

*Please note that due to COVID, we not offering snacks and are currently only offering kids classes for Nursery-Kindergarten
For more information on changes we’ve made due to COVID, please click HERE.

The People

Our congregation spans several generations; from young families to families with teenagers, college age adults to those in their retirement years.
You'll find the people here to be friendly and genuinely interested in getting to know you. Business-casual attire is most common, but you won't look out of place in jeans or a suit.

The Place*

Coming through the main doors of our building brings you into our lobby, where you'll have line-of-sight to our café, worship center, classrooms, kid's check-in, and bathrooms. The café is immediately on your right, and you're welcome to help yourself to any of the drinks or snacks available—they're free!
If one of our greeters didn't hand you a sermon notes and announcements page, don't forget to pick one up from the table that will be in front of you when you walk in. One side of the sheet has a place for taking notes and the other side will tell you about upcoming events going on in the life of our church. Also, be sure to pick up a visitor bag on the table to the left of the entrance as it has a gift in it for you along with information about our church. 

The Classes (9:00AM)*

On Sunday morning at 9am, we offer several Core Course classes for adults. You can click here to see which courses are currently available and there will be signage in the lobby to let you know whether the class of your choice is meeting in the adult classroom (at the far end of the lobby), in the pastor's office (immediately on your left), or in the Resource Room (on your right past the café).
Junior and senior high students are encouraged to participate in one of the Core Courses with the adults.
Children can be checked in at the counter on the far left side of the lobby, below the Kid's Quest logo. We have childcare for infants and classes for the kids.

The Service (10:00AM)*

Biblical instruction is provided during the service for nursery-aged children all the way up to 4th grade. School-aged kids are encouraged to be a part of the service with their families in the worship center. Children in grades 1-4 are dismissed to go to their classes after our time of singing but are welcome to stay with their parents during the rest of the service.

Our service begins at 10am in the worship center. We typically begin the service by singing together as a congregation, led by a few musicians and singers on the stage. We enjoy both old hymns and newer choruses, and we especially appreciate lyrics that focus on the glory of God in the cross of Jesus Christ—in accordance with our philosophy of music. The words are displayed on the screens up front so you can sing along if you're not familiar with the song, and hearing assistance is available at the sound booth in the back for those that require it. If you'd like to familiarize yourself with some of the songs we sing, you can listen to our Spotify playlist here.

Typically one of our pastors or elders will give some brief announcements about upcoming activities the church is involved in and then he will pray. We believe prayer is very important and we are intentional about praying for our community, our leadership, our missionaries, and fellow local gospel-preaching churches.

Our pastors preach expository sermons where the main point of the text is the main point of the sermon. The sermon tends to last around 45 minutes with content that explains the context of the passage being read, the truths that the passage teaches us, and ways that those truths can be applied to our lives today.

After the sermon, we sing another song or two and one of our pastors will pray. If you have children that you checked in, they can be picked up again at the check-in counter. You're likely to find several people staying to talk with each other after the service, either in the worship center, the lobby, or the café. We encourage you to stick around to fellowship with us so we can get to know each other better.

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