May 15,  2022


GCC Spotify Channel 
Our church loves to sing the truths of Scripture!  Now you can hear the songs we sing on Sunday via our church Spotify channel.  Share it with friends and family!

Children’s Classes
We currently provide nursery care (0-24 months), preschool class (2 years - kindergarten) and grades 1-4 during the 10am worship gathering. Grades 1-4 will begin in the sanctuary and may be dismissed at the beginning of the sermon to go to their classes.  (Your kids are welcome to stay with you if you'd prefer.). Every three Sundays we plan to have a Family Worship Sunday, where grades 1-4 will stay in the sanctuary with their parents. Children can be checked in at the KidsQuest kiosk in the lobby.  Sermon Activity sheets are also available for older kids staying in the sanctuary.  See Bree Bartell or Linda Woodhouse for more information.

Core Courses
Core Courses are at 9AM on Sundays!
  • Who is Jesus?: How to lead a friend through the gospel of Mark - A study of Mark's Gospel, followed by a time of prayer - taught by Cory Chilcote and Jonathan Zavodney
  • Digging Deeper: Studying the Scripture being preached Sunday

Financial Update - April YTD
You can give by placing a check or cash in the white offering box just inside the main entrance, or online at geist.org/give.
Budget - $90,096
Giving - $82,140
Expenses - $64,278

(For more info on any of these events checkout the Events Page)

Men's 30/30
Thursday | May 26  | 7:00-8:00am | GCC
Each week we spend 30 minutes studying scripture (currently the book of Hebrews) and 30 minutes in prayer.  God speaks to us through His Word and then we speak (respond) to Him in prayer!

Informal Lunch
Weekly | 11:30am | GCC
Several families stick around after the morning worship service for fellowship.  Bring a lunch and store it in the kitchen or pick up fast food afterwards.  All are welcome to join!

Service Order

8:40 - Prayer
Meets in Classroom 1

9:00 - Core Courses
  • Who is Jesus?: How to lead a friend through the gospel of Mark
  • Digging Deeper: Studying the Scripture being preached Sunday

10:00 - Worship Gathering
Congregational Singing
Come Praise and Glorify Our God
Behold Our God
        There is a Fountain
Scripture Reading – Genesis 6:9-22
Pastoral Prayer
Kids Dismissed
1 Peter 3:13-22  – Pastor Matt
Congregational  Singing
Afflicted Saint to Christ Draw Near
Congregational Singing

Amazing Grace

Next Sunday’s Sermon Passage:   1 Peter 4:1-11 – Pastor Matt