COVID-19 Guidelines Update

GCC Family,
It is such a joy to be a pastor of GCC!  There have been many opportunities over the past year for small issues/preferences to become a platform for problems.  Yet, time and time again I’ve witnessed gentleness, humility, and love at work among God’s people!  I praise God for you, church, and count it a blessing to serve the Lord with joy and not with groaning! (Hebrews 13:17).
Given the updated Covid-19 guidelines, the availability of the vaccine, and the lifting of the state mask mandate we have decided to make the wearing of masks optional at all times in the church building, beginning this Sunday, April 18th.  For months we have said that you are welcome to take off your mask while seated and physically distanced in the sanctuary. Now you can move around the building without your mask!  The chairs will continue to be spaced further apart than normal and you are more than welcome to continue wearing a mask if you think it best for you and your family.  
I also ask that you continue to respect those who desire to maintain physical distancing and I would definitely recommend asking before greeting one another with a holy kiss! :)  

Grace & Peace,
Pastor Matt

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