Indoor Singing Begins October 4, 2020

Church Family,

I praise God for the graciousness and humility that has overflowed among our church during this very strange season of gathering in the midst of a pandemic!  While it’s been a joy to sing outside since mid-May and the Lord has blessed us with amazing weather, we are making plans to begin singing indoors during our normal 10:00am worship gathering on October 4th.  This means that beginning in October, we will no longer be singing outside at 9:30am.

Given current recommendations from the CDC, other health professionals, and out of an abundance of caution and love for each other, we are still requiring face coverings as you walk throughout the building (entering, exiting, etc), and during the singing time.  During this next phase of gathering we will sing solely at the end of our worship service, which means those who would rather not sing inside would be able to leave.  (Keep in mind: while you are seated in the sanctuary during the sermon, as you will be physically distanced from others and won’t be singing, you may remove your face covering).

We recognize that it will be strange to sing with face coverings but believe it is the best practice in the current season to help mitigate any potential spread of the virus and we are grateful to worship a Lord who hears us no matter when, where, and how we sing!

A perfect example of this is one of our recent elder meetings outside!  We were right in the middle of an extended prayer time when a mowing crew showed up and began mowing within 20 feet of where we were sitting.  We continued to pray even though we couldn’t hear most of what other people were praying.  Even still, the Lord heard and a couple of those specific prayers were answered over the next few days!  Whether mowers or masks - the Lord hears the prayers and praise of His people!  

Here’s a brief overview of the schedule beginning October 4th, which is beginning to look like pre-Covid times!:

8:40am - corporate prayer in the foyer

9:00am - core course in the foyer

10:00am - worship gathering in the sanctuary (singing at the very end of service)

Grace & Peace,
Pastor Matt
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